Just arrived in Budapest!

Just arrived at my apartment, I’m sharing with a 28 year old who I haven’t met yet ’cause she’s arriving later but I know her name is Jenny!

Plane journey was OK, I almost fell over tripping over someone’s suitcase in the aisle when we got on (cue everybody staring at me). Had a little chat with the girls sat next to me (after I accidentally fell on them and knocked the people behind me trying to get to the toilet!) which was nice. Got to the aiport, off the plane (it’s hot here! About 28 degrees at six o clock which is hotter than rainy England!) and went to the airport shuttle bus service, the whole thing was a bit confusing, I bought my door-to-door ticket (5000ft which is about £15ish which isn’t too bad considering the aiport is out of the city and I’m also in the 12th district) and then the lady just told me to stand around and wait and the driver will come get me. This system was confusing because men who I assume were the drivers of various buses just came into where people were waiting, said something in Hungarian and then people would follow him. Clearly I don’t speak Hungarian so I was pretty scared I’d miss my bus, but it was fine when a man started saying my street address and I said ‘mee that’s meee’ and off we went! We dropped some other passengers off then drove through Budapest centre.

First impressions of the area? From what I saw from the car window, the outskirts of the city reminded me of Bucharest, which isn’t strange considering they’re both ex-soviet capital cities and share a border. As we got into the city the architecture and buildings looked beautiful, but I will comment on then more when I see them properly! My flat is about 15 minute drive from the centre, it’s quite green and surrounded by houses and flats, my room is HUGE and has two beds in it (as does the other room, I got first pick ’cause I arrived first!) and it also has the door to the very big wrap-around balcony with lovely views of the Hungarian hills. The flat itself is a bit like when you first move into a student flat, it’s reasonably clean and tidy but pretty old and there’s still loads of crap in the drawers and cupboards!

I’ll upload some photos when I’ve finished unpacking!


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