First day nerves

So I am about to start my course, eeareshgsdh!

Last night wasn’t the best night’s sleep ever! I’ve got really bruised ribs from coughing during my two month chest infection, and last night I sneezed in an odd position and I think I’ve trapped a muscle/nerve/got a knife stuck under my ribs. Anyway I had it a couple of weeks ago on my right side, now it’s on my left. It helpfully means I can’t turn over in my sleep, lift my left arm, turn to my left, pick anything up on that side, breathe too deeply.or cough. If I do any of those things I get a horrible sharp pain that makes me double-over. Not a great start for first impressions, ‘Hi my names Emma and I’m cripple!’. Argh!

Anyway, my flatmate is nice, she’s got a Masters in Linguistics and two years teaching experience in Korea which makes me feel very young and inexperienced and intimidated (by her experience, not her, she’s nice!). But we had a good chat and a walk round our area. I was so tired by the time we got to this little supermarket (which is a bit like supermarkets you get on holiday in places like Greece) that i tried to walk into a coca-cola fridge thinking it was a door! After that we had cup-a-soup and chocolate bread then went to bed.

Getting the bus in half hour, nervous doesn’t cover it!

Oh and I also locked myself out for half hour last night, so the first impression my new flatmate got off me was sat on the stairs outside the flat looking confused!


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