My first day on the CELTA

Jenny and I got the bus in this morning, luckily it’s 100m outside our front door and goes straight to where IH Budapest (my school) is. We got a bit confused when the bus stopped and everybody got off and it didn’t move for another ten minutes but decided it was probably fine as the driver wasn’t shouting at us or anything!

Got to Széll Kálmán Ter (which used to be Moscow Square but obviously the name has been changed, although older maps and most people still call it Moscow square) and found somewhere to have breakfast, I had some strange cheesey bread thing which was tasty!  We then walked into the school building and met everyone else on our course, it was intimidating for the first five seconds because everybody was quiet and it was a bit awkward but then we did some ice breakers which, mysteriously, broke the ice! There are 12 of us on the course, I’m the youngest (eek!) but there are 4 other people about my age, the rest range from about 30-45 I think. A lot of people have had previous teaching experience of some sort but there are some beginners. Everybody was friendly and talkative so that was good. I think there are 4 or 5 people I will really get along with and hopefully hang out with whilst we’re here. We also met our three course tutors who were very kind and approachable.

The day went something like this:

– introductions, ice breakers, brief intro to the course, split into teaching groups (6 in each, I really like mine!)

– we then observed 2 and a half hours of one of our tutors classes. This was with the 12 adults who will be ‘our class’ for our teaching practice. They range in age from 24-60 and they’re at pre-intermediate level. After we watched the tutor teach them we then had to go around and interview them and introduce ourselves!

– Lunch! Wandered around this huge shopping mall for ages before deciding on these strange fried bread and tomato mini pasty things!

– more admin and intro to the course.

– then we had a ‘foreign language lesson’ to put us in the ‘language learners position’. It was 45 minutes long and the whole thing was in Thai, it was actually hilarious. I can now say ‘hello, how are you, I am good, I am bad, toilet, bank, post office, my name is, what’s your name’ in Thai! It was such good fun and really helped you to see what it’s like ‘on the other side’ of the classroom.

– Then we got into our teaching groups and did some ‘Assisted Learning Prep’ and had help with our lesson planning. First person is teaching tomorrow at 9am, luckily I’m not teaching until Wednesday morning but I’m nervous already! I have to teach a 45 minute listening and speaking activity using the text book we’ve been given. Ahh!

We finished about 17.30 then me and some others on the course went to the supermarket and bus station to sort out our travel passes, it’s 9000ft  (£30) for a 30 day pass, which gets you on all the buses, trams, trains and metros. However, with a student card it’s 3000ft, so saves about £20! My student ID is out of date now but I thought I’d chance it anyway and luckily I got away with it!

So far it’s going ok, the people are nice, I like my group, the course tutors are friendly, helpful and supportive. It’s only day one but I am feeling positive! I still feel as if I have a broken rib and can’t cough/sneezse without wincing and doubling-over, but I’m pretty sure it’ll mend itself.

Umm what else, it’s really hot!!!  Also I can say hello, thank you, thanks, sorry, please, I don’t understand and excuse me in Hungarian. But I’ve been too shy to say any of them properly yet!

To finish, here are some photos of my flat 🙂

My bedroom, note the spare bed (come stay!). The views out the windows are lovely. I have three huge windows so it’s really bright.

The other side of my room, with the door to the balcony- which has lovely views and loads of spaces and a table to eat at!

Wardrobe space!

The very cute little kitchen and dining table


The hall way you walk into from the front door.  My room is the door on the right of the picture.


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