Lesson plan procrastination.

Today was OK, the first three people in my teaching group taught for the first time this morning. It was really good to watch but also made me really nervous as 2 of them have over 10 years teaching experience and were excellent. One of them is Hungarian and one is Argentinian, this means their grammar knowledge is amazing because they learnt English as a second language so they know all the rules because they had to study them, whereas native speakers just acquire them unconsciously. We then had some assisted lesson planning prep and a feedback session. After this one of the Hungarians in our group took us to this little pancake place, it was about 50p a pancake and you could  have it stuffed with a variety of sweet or savory things, I had one with mushroom stew of some sort and one with coconut cream, which was amazing! On the subject of food, there’s a place around the corner from my flat that sells pretzels the size of my face for about 20p. So good! I’ve had three in the last day and a half! Also I’ve actually used some Hungarian, well, I’ve said hello, please and thanks to shop assistants!

In the afternoon we had input sessions, so one on grammar, form, meaning, pronunciation. Grammar is one of my (many) weak points but it was alright. Then we had a listening-lesson demo which was good as I am doing my first lesson tomorrow and it’s a ‘receptive skills’ lesson, which just means it’s testing and practicing students’ listening or reading skills.

I really should be planning, I am procrastinating! I’m so tired and want to sleep, I have to get to the school before 8am tomorrow to print of my handouts and stuff… ahhhh. Pretty nervous!


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