So tired!

I am feeling exhausted this evening, more mentally than physically (to be fair all I do is sit all day!). Paying attention from 9-5 is harddd especially when the information you’re being given is actually quite boring (form, meaning, pronunciation, grammar, lesson planning skills).

The last couple of days have been good. My first lesson went really well, I was nervous but the students enjoyed it and did everything I asked and nothing went wrong! Once I got into it I actually enjoyed it.

I am teaching again tomorrow, however I am much more nervous about it than last time, because I’m teaching grammar, which, as a native speaker, is really difficult! The students probably know it better because they’ve had it drilled into them from the very first time they started learning English, they can conjugate verbs quickly, tell you the form of verbs and the form of sentences way quicker then i could! Hopefully they won’t notice how crap I am at it tomorrow!

My Hungarian friend Akos (ah-kosh) has been educating me on all the best food, cheese and wine, today we went to a bakery to get a kakaós csiga (pronounced cucu-owsh-chigga) which means chocolate-snail, it’s basically like a danish pastry, it’s whirly and stuffed with chocolate. They cost less then 50p and they are so good! You can get cheese and cinnamon csigas too! I’m also thoroughly enjoying the huge variety of milka chocolate! I really need to stop making most of my blog posts about food. I’ve also learnt some good Hungarian swear words!

I should go and practice explaining the difference between present simple and present continuous now, sigh!

Definitely looking forward to the weekend and seeing more of Hungary than the insides of buses and classrooms.


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