My weekend!

This week has gone so fast! I taught my first grammar lesson on Friday, which to be honest I hated! I was so so nervous before it was my turn, properly shakey and the sweltering heat did not help.

The lesson went OK but I wasn’t happy with it and felt a bit rubbish afterwards, then again I don’t really enjoy grammar so that’s probably why. There were some good bits, we did a ‘true or false’ statement thing where I told the class I regularly ran marathons which made them laugh.

Friday lunchtime me and some others went to a Hungarian market near the school and had langos (lan-gosh). These are similar to pizzas, they get a ball of dough, throw it in a deep fat frier, it floats around and eventually forms a frisbee shape, then they put it on a drying rack so the oil drips off (nice!) then they cover it in sour cream and cheese… It’s so filling and heavy!

Friday evening some of us went round to one of the guys on the courses flat, he lives in the 8th district which is the most crime-ridden one, infamous for prostitutes! His flat was in this really old building that looked like it was from the film ‘Taken’ or something! You went in this dodgy lift where you had to close the doors yourself and walk through these massive hallways full of graffiti. it was really cool but I’m glad I don’t live there! We bought a big bottle of some odd honey and lemon spirit for about £3, had a few drinks and then eventually went out at about 2am. We went to this club around the corner that was in a huge warehouse, you had to walk in, climb five flights of concrete stairs that looked like they were in a dodgy carpark, the banister was falling off and the walls were all flakey and graffiti. Then eventually you go to this huge open space that, again, looks like an indoor carpark, it had a bar and dance floor and loads of paintings on the wall. Then you go up more stairs and there’s the roof which has a bar and loads of old garden furniture, like swinging seats, and even blankets. It was really cool, it was all falling apart and if you were just walking past on the street you’d have no idea any of it was there!

We all slept at this guys flat, I woke up at 7am to some strange Hungarian man sticking is head in the window (the bedroom looks out onto this indoor courtyard that’s four stories up, sort of like an outside balcony but anyone can walk around it!) which was slightly scary, I kept say ‘nem ayrtem’ which means I don’t understand and eventually he went away. So strange!

When everybody got up we went and did some sightseeing, we went to ‘Heroes Square’ which was awesome and then took a walk around the city park which had a lovely pond and some cafes.We spent ages trying to decide where to eat, eventually we chose somewhere and I ordered ‘chips and salsa’ only to be disappointed when they bought out tortilla crisps (clearly I meant french fries but they mean chips as in crisps!).

Now tis Sunday and I am doing my first language task assigment, it’s not too hard but it’s quite boring. Then I’ve got lesson planning to do, luckily my next lesson is on holiday vocab which will be fun!


2 thoughts on “My weekend!

  1. Hi there! I’m an English teacher in Brazil… I found your blog while searching WordPress for other English teachers. I did the CELTA last year, so everything you’re describing sounds super familiar 🙂

    Just wanted to encourage you that teaching grammar does get better – and can actually be fun! It is soooo satisfying when you can take a “dry” subject like the present perfect (which the students are expecting to be boring) and teach it in a way that the students actually get excited about it. I typically teach the grammar CELTA-style and then use it in a game. It’s amazing how my students – who are all chemical engineers and financial analysts and whatnot – turn into little kids when there’s a game involved :-p

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