Cultural Observations..

One: Dogs are a status symbol.

They must be some sort of fashion accessory here, anybody who’s anybody has a cool dog. Now, I don’t just mean your average cross breed or mongrel, people are toting huge huskies and tiny chihuahuas. I’ve seen mini poodles, huge great danes, those funny old looking ones with the beards and a gazillion dachshunds. That’s another thing, a popular style seems to be dogs with mini-legs. Maybe to conserve space?

Two: wine and beer are cheaper than a pint of coke/lemonade.

Yesterday I paid the equivalent of about 80p for a small glass of very nice rose. Beer is about 320ft in some places which is around £1

Three: Hungarians can be direct and stubborn.

Maybe it’s a British thing but I’m used to people sugar coating everything they say for fear of offending something, but my Hungarian friends are much more direct and don’t back down, even if they’re clearly wrong. (example, my friend was convinced ‘pubertant’ was a genuine English word, and wouldn’t admit defeat when 5 native speakers told him it didn’t exist!)

Four: Transport here is so good.

The buses, transport, metro, trams are always on time, always clean, always cheap! My travel pass, for the whole month, on any of these, costs me less than £10

Five: There’s some famous place called lake balaton that every Hungarian seems obsessed with.

It must be the Cornwall of Hungary, the place Hungarians go on holiday. If you do any lesson on free time/holidays/places to visit, this place always comes up!!


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