It’s so hot still!

Middle of September and its still in the 30s here, the classrooms are boiling and the whole ‘teachers must dress professionally’ makes shorts and strap tops a no no! Taught again today, it was alright, explaining the phrase ‘he got the wrong end of the stick’ is quite difficult but the students got it!

In other news, today after school I spent a good half hour wandering around the supermarket, picking up various foodstuffs and different varieties of milka, got to the till, unloaded my basket onto the conveyer belt, then opened my purse and realised I’d forgotten my card!! Had to make an ‘Uh oh I’ve forgotten my money’ face (how do you say that in Hungarian?!) and then sheepishly proceeded to go back around the shop and put everything back.

Also, can somebody offer me a job please?


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