Hungary to Slovakia and Budapest Zoo.

So, Jenny has gone, as have most people from our course and it’s just me and Louella left! We’ve booked a bus to Vienna tomorrow so we’ve been occupying ourselves with touristy things and job hunting for the past few days.

On Wednesday we went to the zoo! I don’t usually like zoos unless they are very good conservation ones and concerned with animal welfare rather than money. With this in mind I researched Budapest zoo and read some reviews in which people said it was a nice zoo with lots of space. So we got up early (ish) Wednesday and got on the metro to le zoo. It’s in City Park and has a fantastic entrance:

All in all it was quite good, they had so many different animals and most had plenty of space. The one thing I didn’t like however was the tiger enclosure. They had two sections, one with the daddy tiger in and one with mummy tiger and 2 cubs. Neither of these enclosures seemed very big and the male tiger was pacing up and down continually which made me really sad!

Here are some of the animals we saw:

That evening we met up with our American friend Dennis and went for dinner, we went to a really cheap nice restaurant and had two drinks and two courses (mmm pancakes) for £4. The waitress assumed we were German, which was alright cause me and Dennis managed to bluff our way through ordering auf Deutsche! I am really going to miss eating out basically every night! We’ve been really lazy cooking wise, because we knew we were leaving at the end of this week we’ve been reluctant to buy any shopping so have just used it as an excuse to eat out all the time!

On Thursday we took a day trip to Esztergom and Slovakia. Esztergom is a catholic village on the edge of the Danube, north west of Budapest. If you walk across the bridge you are in Slovakia! Esztergom looks pretty crap when you first get off the train, we genuinely considered getting back on and going home as it looked awful, it was just tower blocks and crumbling buildings and rubbish. We carried on walking though and eventually got to what I guess is the ‘old town’, the proper Esztergom that all the guide books tell you to go to. There was a huge huge huge basillica up a massive hill (so many hills this week!) so we started climbing! At the top there is a little cafe, some monuments and of course the huge church. The whole old village reminded me of Tuscany actually, lots of churches, terracotta roofed houses, lots of greenery among crumbling stone and cobbles. I guess it’s because it’s so old and very Catholic.

After battling the hill we walked back down to the Bridge and crossed into Slovakia. There wasn’t much going on in the tiny town we went to, but everything was so cheap!! We changed up 3 euros on the bridge and bought a hot chocolate, 2 scoop ice cream and some snacks! We stayed for half hour then went back.

The view over to Hungary from Slovakia

Once we were back in Hungary we decided we needed some food due to the previous hill-church hiking. We settled on an Popeye themed Italian restaurant on the Hungarian-Slovak border. V odd but genuinely nice pizza!


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