Job hunting.

Thus far I have had a job offer from Spain, an interview request from Poland, Madrid and some other places, two interviews with a school in Hong Kong and I am waiting for interview dates for two schools in Hanoi. I have filled in so many application forms and written so much rubbish about myself. I need to decide where I actually want to go. But it’s not just location, it’s ages (e.g. this one in HK sounds great but it’s mainly 3-6 year olds, I don’t know if I wanna teach that young!), hours, wages, contract length. Most contracts are minimum 12 months so either way I’ll be far away for a long time, which is scary!  Also a lot of schools want to fill vacancies quickly so you feel under pressure to make huge life decisions in one day!

I’m off to Vienna tomorrow and then get back to the UK on Tuesday, maybe I will be more decisive there!


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