I’m leaving on a Hungarian bus, don’t know when I’ll be back again…la la la

I am packed and ready to hit the metro with all my luggage, to get to some odd bus station, to drive to Austria, to get another metro and find our hostel!

This is my last entry in Budapest so I thought I’d say what I am going to miss.

What I will miss/things I like about BP:
– The weather! it’s so warm and sunny all the time!
– The cheapness of everything.
– The amazing and really easy to use transport network. Also, it’s been slightly ‘free’ for us the past few days. My travel pass ran out on Tuesday but we’ve been using the trams/buses/metro anyway, no one ever checks and if you see a ticket inspector you just get off!
– That most of the interesting sights are free and outdoors
– The abundance of things to do and culturally interesting things to see. There are so many points of interest, so many museums, monuments, parks and general grandiose architecture.
– The sheer amount of delicious pastry and chocolate!
– The ‘going out’ style. As in Kerts, huge outdoor beer gardens, really relaxed, laid back, amazing scenery, cool people.
– The hidden wonders! How you walk around a normal looking street, turn a corner and Bam! There’s some cool historical site or a crazy outdoor bar/underground club.

Things I won’t miss:
– Having no protein. There is no quorn or anything like that here, I’ve just been eating carbs, vegetables and cheese! I want some protein, I’m dying for a veggie sausage or cheese burger!
– The chorus of dogs. There are way too many dogs in the houses around my flat, all day, every day all you hear is barking and it’s woken me up way too many times!!!
– Service in restaurants is generally pretty rude here. It’s not too much of an issue but it’ll be nice to order simply somewhere and get a smile.
– I want roast potatoes, chips (not crisps dammit!) and yorkshire puddings.
– Talking of which, I haven’t had an oven whilst I’ve been here so I really want any oven cooked food at all!
– Also I don’t like that the language is so hard to learn, I am looking forward to being in Vienna where at least I know some of the basics!
– No one really smiles at you in the street here, if you smile at them they look away!
– I am excited to order anything other than beer in a pub. I don’t even like beer but spirits are so expensive here so I settle for beer!
– I am also looking forward to my bed and seeing my cats. Hungary need to get their act together and get more cats!


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