A slightly grumpy journey home.

I’m coming home today! I am very excited to see everyone, however I am absolutely dreading the journey. My luggage weighs like 30kg combined, that’s half my bloody body weight! I wasn’t sure how long I’d be away and what the weather would be like and I had to pack teaching clothes and general clothes. The main problem is that the wheels on my suitcase have completely worn down so I literally have to drag it whilst also carrying the huge holdall and my laptop. I’ve still got blisters on my hands from pulling the suitcase and sore shoulders from the holdall from the trip from BP to Vienna!! I’ve also not really slept very well in this hostel and I am exhausted. Got up at 7am today and won’t get back to Plymouth til like gone midnight (or gone 1am for me cause my body will still be an hour ahead).

I have to get a bus from Vienna centre to Vienna airport at midday (so, drag my suitcase and luggage from Hostel, to bus station, then from bus drop off, to airport check-in, then to the terminal). Then once I land in England I’ve gotta drag it all again from the terminal to Gatwick train station, then I have a 2 hour wait (My plane gets in at 17.00 but my train isn’t til 19.00, I left the wait time incase my plane was delayed or something). Then I’ve gotta lug everything onto the train, then get off at Reading, wait half hour, then get on another train, then it’s another 4 hours to Plymouth. So a 13 hour journey and I don’t actually get home until Wednesday! Argggh I just want to click my fingers and be in my bed in Plymouth!

Ok, rant over.


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