Den zweiten Tag in Wien

Day two.

On the Sunday we embarked on a huge walk around the main sights of Vienna. We saw the Hofenburg residence, the Parliament, Rathaus (town hall), the museum quarter in daylight and the old town.

I can’t be bothered to explain it all and as a picture says a thousand words, here are a few thousand words in photo form:

The Natural History Museum, a twin of the building opposite which housed the Art history museum.

The Schonbrunn Palace.

Belvedere Gardens Palace

Rainbow in a fountain near the Belvedere Gardens.

Karlsplatz Church. I think the church is probably called Karl, hence ‘Karl’s Place’. Probably.

St Stephens Church. Over 1000 years old, pretty damn famous in Vienna.

Parliament with a big pink bow for Breast Cancer Awareness Month I think.

The Rathaus.

Inside the old town.

Someone said to me in Vienna, “There’s not much to do here unless you like Palaces and Museums”. This is so very true! I liked it, but they don’t half like their huge buildings and museums.

Also, I don’t know anything at all about art. So it’s hard work traipsing round famous galleries pretending you know what a certain painting symbolises!

All in all I enjoyed Vienna, it’s very extravagant, very cultural, very grand. It’s also very expensive, well, compared to Budapest. Everything is much closer together and easy to walk to. I didn’t have much authentic food because schnitzel and sausages aren’t very vegetarian! I did have a lot of ice cream though! I also liked being able to practice my German skills. I ordered my food auf Deutsch, asked for directions and even gave some lady on the metro directions! I really want to live in Germany now to become fluent. Or learn another language from scratch!


2 thoughts on “Den zweiten Tag in Wien

    • It’s the Cambridge Certificate in in Teaching English to Adults. It’s an internationally respected teaching qualification that allows you to teach anywhere in the world 🙂 it’s what most language schools ask for if you want to work for them!

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