Update, phew!

After spending a good four hours this morning in the tiny room summoning up the courage to move across the street to my proper hotel, I marched out of one hotel and into the other and demanded to have the room that had been paid for (OK, I say marched, I slowly dodged motorbikes in the road and timidly asked if it was at all maybe possible for me to possibly have the room pleasethankyou).

The owner of the proper hotel helped me carry my luggage up four flights of stairs (my suitcase weighs about 22k and he carried it on his shoulders!) and I am now in a much nicer room. It has two beds, a big window, TV, fridge and bathroom/wetroom. It’s nothing amazing but it’s much better and I feel a lot better now! I’ll probably stay here for a few nights and then maybe move into the one the American recommended. It would be a lot of hassle with my suitcases though, I don’t think the owner would be so willing to help me carry my luggage back down the stairs if I was taking my custom else where!

Also, I’m very sorry to my Aunty Jenny and family but I’ve eaten some of the selection box you gave me for xmas. I was so hungry last night and a bit too scared to venture out at 11pm to find food so it was my only option! Rest assured it was very tasty and comforting!


2 thoughts on “Update, phew!

  1. Yes, I am reading your entire blog willing Friday afternoon to finish but have to comment to say I was exactly the same when I arrived in Hanoi. I attempted to go for a ‘walk’ and buy something but that lasted about 2 minutes because of traffic/zillions of people etc! So funny how you get used to it, how long did it take you to master crossing roads?! I found after the second day you just purposefully stride into traffic and it sort of bends around you?

    • I think it took me about a week, now it’s second nature, I just walk out without looking basically! It’s safer to keep moving because they go around you. If you hesitate you’re more likely to get hit. Although when I come back to England it’s gonna be a difficult habit to get out of and I’ll probably find myself strolling across the A38!

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