Motorcycle Diaries

I got my first Xe-Om today (motorbike taxi). I was so nervous about it, we all decided we should get them to this Garden Palace place to see a water puppet show. You find a driver, haggle a price and hop on the back. They provide a helmet but it’s about as much use as wearing a carrier bag on your head.

It was the scariest thing ever, like a roller coaster except for the whole you-may-well-actually-fall-off thing. My driver was crazy, swerving in and out of head on traffic, going the wrong way down the roads and around roundabouts. I’ve never been religious but I was praying to Buddha/allah/god/Elvis that I would make it out alive. Then, just as I got the hang of it, the speed bumps came along, I genuinely screamed! Out of four of us, my driver got to our destination first despite setting off last, so i think we won!

I think I am mildly addicted to it now though, it was such an adrenaline rush and cost less than $1 per journey. Way cheaper and slightly safer than a crack habit.


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