Tristmas Day.

I woke up at approximately 9am and went downstairs to find one of my housemates had gotten up very early like an excitable toddler. The sort of toddler who grasps the concept of money and is capable of going out alone to purchase pastries. I sat and gratefully devoured some croissants and buns whilst he skipped around shouting and blasted Christmas songs out of the stereo to wake everybody else up. Then another housemate came home, said housemate had also gone out and bought everybody pastries, not knowing the other housemate had already had such a delicious idea. That is how we ended up with about 20 varieties of buns, cakes, slices and croissants. At this point I was feeling pretty guilty for not providing baked goods of any variety. Then, as if to make me even more happy/guilty, housemate 3 emerged in the kitchen laden with watermelons and coconuts. And so our not so traditional Christmas breakfast buffet began! It was also one of my housemate’s birthday which made the day extra fun.

Eventually everybody got up, got dressed, ate, drank, sang and off we went for our Christmas dinner. We had booked lunch at a restaurant called KOTO, which stands for ‘Know One, Teach One’ and is similar to Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ restaurant. The charity teaches street children and disadvantaged teenagers how to work in the catering/hospitality industry. There were about 20 of us, a mix of expats and Vietnamese friends. Twas just amazing; the sun was shining, the food was delicious and we even had Christmas carols!

After lunch we had a house party at ours, although at this point we still had no furniture! We’d arranged a big secret santa which was really fun and I got to skype my family and Mike.

I also got some pretty cool presents. My secret santa was a friend’s Vietnamese girlfriend and she gave me a voucher for some free VN lessons in her favourite cafe! My sister bought me two beautiful necklaces and one of the presents from my boyfriend was a jar of marmite!

It was sad to be away from my family and friends but I had a great time and am very lucky to have met  fun people here.


ImageLack of sofa, pastries on the mattress in the living room.ImageChristmas carols


ImageThe food!


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