The perils of mispronunciation.

On Sunday I was teaching my Junior class (7 years old to around 10) the continents and some new countries. I had them do a game which involved trying to find a country beginning with every letter of the alphabet.Picture a giant map at one side of the room, one partner sits at the opposite side of the room with the pen, the other person runs to the map, finds the country, runs back and reports to their partner who writes it down.

This was all going fine, until we got to the letter N. They were struggling to find a country, until one of the brighter kids spotted ‘Niger’. Suffice to say her pronunciation was a little off, but, the rest of the teams copied until 10 children were suddenly shouting ‘Niger’ with the slightly more offensive pronunciation across the room. They didn’t understand when I promptly stopped them and suggested New Zealand instead.



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