Animal Rescue Saigon

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I finally got time to go out to the Animal Rescue Centre Saigon HQ and discuss kitten fostering. It took hell of a time to get there, mainly because we got lost as usual. It’s an animal charity run by expats who take in street animals and is in a very posh part of town were the super super rich live and where all the expensive international schools are. I spoke to the lady there for a while and played joyfully with the cats, who all had a lot of room and toys to play with. We decided it wasn’t really possible for me to adopt kittens due to two main reasons; firstly, our house has 6 flights of stairs with gaps inbetween them = not safe for tiny kittens! Secondly, everybody is out of the house for at least twelve hours Saturday and Sunday due to our horrific teaching schedule, meaning the kittens would be alone all weekend. Which, unless we want our house destroyed, is not great!  So, instead we decided fostering a slightly older cat might be doable. This way, I look after a cat until it is found a more permanent home. Sadly I can’t adopt one permanently because I might only be here for a year and it wouldn’t be fair on me or the cat!

As it’s Tet next week and I’m buggering off to Cambodia for 8 days I won’t be able to do anything until after that. I’m going to research how much cat food, cat litter etc is and speak to my housemates and see if it’s doable. Fingers crossed!


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