The Tet Offensive

Most people have heard of the Vietnamese Tet festival due to the 1968 Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. My housemates and I are conducting our very own Tet Offensive. However, instead of infiltrating urban areas of South Vietnam, we shall be ambushing Cambodian beaches and islands. Instead of trekking through the jungles and crawling through tunnels, our main mode of transport shall be a sleeper bus and a tuk tuk. Our weapons of choice are suntan lotion, bikinis and ipods. Ours will be a victory in relaxation instead of the Pyrrhic victory of the US and the propaganda victory of the Viet Cong. Also I’m pretty sure the 1968 campaign maybe took a tiny bit more planning.

We’re getting a bus in seven hours to Pnomh Penh and then after a few days we’re heading south for Sihanoukville and the islands. See you all in 8 days!


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