Dam Sen Water Park

What do you get when you cross hot weather, a lot of water, some slides and no health or safety regulations? The best water park ever! It has over 30 slides with exciting names like ‘boomerang’, ‘kamikaze’, ‘giant slide’ and ‘love storm’.  It also has a lazy river, a zipslide into a waterfall as well as a special locker and sunbathing area ‘for foreigners’. This last bit made me feel like there was some sort of aquatic apartheid, but  to be honest we didn’t blend in very well anyway, all the women were wearing normal clothes over their swimming costumes, some kids were even wearing their full school uniforms! So, along we came, pasty white and basically naked in comparison to everyone else.

The best ride was boomerang, which involves 3 people sitting in a giant float and a slide shaped like a giant ‘U’. You get pushed down a really, really steep slope, I mean REALLY steep, like ‘oh my god I genuinely might break my leg’ steep. Then because of the momentum you go up the opposite side and then back down. This repeats a few times until you’re thanking your lucky stars you still have all your limbs and haven’t thrown up.

Here is the view over the top. Imagine launching off of that blue ledge at the bottom of the photo in a rubber dinghy!

This ride was even funner because only 5 of us went and you need 3 people per float. Thus, we had to find a new person from somewhere. Somehow we managed to persuade a young Vietnamese girl to come on with me and Matt. Bare in mind we are both very tall and incongruous in Asia, she must have been a very brave girl to choose to go on this insanely dangerous ride with two giant white people. This also led to me having my first proper conversation in Vietnamese where the other person understood me. Granted, I may have only asked her name, age and told her I couldn’t speak Vietnamese, but still! Although in hindsight I was probably quite creepy, turns out she was only 12.

Here are some  photos I stole from google images. This is only about a quarter of the whole park.

Because it was a Monday the place was almost empty. It was like having an entire theme park to yourself! Check out the website http://www.damsenwaterpark.com.vn for some better photos and interestingly translated descriptions.


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