Some photos from the classroom.

These are photos of my smallest class- as in, amount of students, not height, although the latter is also true. Most of my classes have 19 students, this one only has 9! Plus 2 were away so it was very cosy. I came back after break and found they’d drawn an entire ocean on the floor with the board pens.( Because the floor is tiles it’s really good in lessons to write on and younger students love it.)

The lovely drawing of me as a mermaid illustrates two things SO many Vietnamese students always get wrong; they frequently confuse ‘dead’ and ‘died’ , they think ‘died’ is an adjective not a verb, see it says ‘Someone is died’?  I hear this mistake all time because most of the students are morbidly obsessed with saying things to each other like ‘You will die’ or in their version ‘You will dead/we are died’. Secondly, they forgot the possessive apostrophe on the ‘Emma’s House’ sign which, ironically, is what I was teaching them that lesson!

I didn’t have the heart to correct them because they looked so chuffed with themselves and I thought it would be a bit mean to rain on their linguistic parade. Besides, they did it in break time so it doesn’t count!

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