Heaven is a place on earth (citimart supermarket, Nguyen Trai street)

In the beginning, there was the word. And also a girl with a chocolate problem. The land was  barren and formless, with the spirit of hunger lingering over.  Alas, there was no Cadbury’s to be found. Then, the supermarket nearest to her transformed from a ‘Wellcome Mart’ (yes, with two Ls!) to a ‘Citimart’. This new supermarket brought with it many new products.

Hark, a new dawn was heralded in. Citimart said ‘let their be cadbury’s’ and there was cadbury’s. And Emma saw that it was good. Citimart said ‘Let the isles bare many different varieties of Cadbury’s’,  and the light varities separated from the dark varieties. And it was good. Very good indeed. 

OK, chocolate genesis over, I’m in a state of what I can only assume is chocolate nibbana and grand religious overtones seemed appropriate for one of the only things in life I worship. Long story short, the supermarket next to me has just today started stocking a gazillion new brands of chocolate, including many, many types of Cadbury’s.

They have so many new types, but here is one I haven’t seen before:

Six different flavours in one bar, including pineapple! Nom nom nom nom nom.


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