Swiss swooo

My housemate’s parents have come to visit. They are British but live in Switzerland and arrived with Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate and flapjack. These things are currently constituting my breakfast. All washed down with diet coke, which I’m abusing lately to ween myself off those incredibly delicious Vietnamese coffees made with condensed milk. The annoying thing is you can’t get big bottles of diet coke here, only normal coke, so you have to buy lots of cans, which are also hard to find. I guess everyone here is so skinny they don’t need to worry about sugary coke!

Note to future potential visitors: Your popularity rating with my 6 housemates will be heavily based on what edible goods you bring.

p.s I realise the stupidity of a breakfast made primarily of sugary, fatty goods accompanied by a sugar-free soft drink. It’s fine, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Maybe.


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