Customer Satisfaction

I got my first CSS back today. That’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and it’s what the students fill out towards the end of their course to evaluate what they think of it. Things like if they think you’re a good teacher, how friendly you are, how much they think they are progressing etc. It was for my teenage class and I was nervous about the results because they fill it out online anonymously and they are teenagers so it could’ve been horrible.

But, I got good results which I’m happy with, especially because it’s the class I find hardest. It’s the one I had my grammar nightmare with! Anyway I got 92% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’ for every category and strangely ‘100%’ from every student for my ‘professionalism’ which is funny because I am quite laid back and non-teachery with them.

There’s one bit where they have to rate the ‘balance of work’ as in whether they think they are doing too much or too little of the 4 core things: reading, writing, speaking or listening. One student put ‘too much’ for every category which is hilarious and I can take a pretty good guess at what teenage boy it was!


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