Sad teacher games.

Our kitchen is currently soaking wet, as were most of my housemates last night.

We’ve adapted the popular classroom game ‘categories’ into a form of water fight slash drinking game. You choose a category, for example ‘pets’, and the person who is ‘it’ thinks of one and writes it down. They then fill up a cup of water and everyone else in the circle has to say one thing from that category, you keep going until someone unluckily says what the person with the cup wrote down. That person gets the water thrown over them. The cup started with only a tiny bit of water in but as the game progressed and more Vietnamese rice wine was drunk the cup ended up full to the top and everybody was soaked.

When we returned to the kitchen this morning it was pretty disgusting mix of half eaten soggy food and ants. Being grown up and responsible we left it and went to sunbathe at the outdoor pool.


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