Tibetan meditating with some Czechs

I really wanted to learn how to meditate properly whilst I was in Asia, however a lot of the Buddhist places and pagodas that offer free meditation only have it when I’m working.

So, I found this couple that run meditation sessions three times a week for free. They were from the Czech Republic and the guy works for a Ukranian company (he also vaguely mentioned something about the Ukranian Mafia which I couldn’t quite make out!). His company pay for him, his beautiful wife and adorable son to live in a very, VERY nice part of town that is essentially a suburb of Saigon. It looks nothing like the rest of the city, it’s like suddenly being in America! They had an incredible flat with beautiful views.

I went there with my other housemate and we gave it a shot. To be honest I didn’t really like the style, plus it was hard to understand what was going on given that he had a very heavy accent and kept using Sanskrit terminology that went over my head. I vaguely understood some of what he was talking about from my A-level in Buddhism 4 years ago but it was too confusing for me to follow! Also it was a method and school of Buddhism I didn’t know much about at all. I don’t think I’ll go again partly because it’s too far away from where I live, partly because I didn’t really like the method and also because the pins and needles and trying to sit still and quiet for so long was so hard!


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