Apologies for my absence, a very famous ancient Vietnamese king died this day hundreds of years ago and so it is a national holiday. Taking advantage of the days off work, me and 10 friends went on an adventure holiday 6 hours north of Saigon, to Dalat and the surrounding areas.

Dalat and the jungles swept me away, both metaphorically and almost literally due to some hazardous waterfalls plus pre-typhoon rain. I’m not going to blog properly about it until I get the photos off my friends’ cameras. But it was truly amazing.

To whet your appetite here are some facts:

  • It is in the central highlands of Vietnam. A jungley, mountainous region with pine forests, lakes, hills and famous waterfalls.
  • It was developed by the French as a ‘get away’ for people from the city. Because of this the main town part looks like a swiss ski resort!
  • It is famous for having many ethnic minorities
  • It’s about 1500m above sea level
  • It’s given me some very large bruises and impressive cuts
  • It was where I first rode a motorbike by myself for an entire day.
Watch this space for some impressive photos of me nearly dying scaling waterfalls, wading through rivers and pretending to be in the war in grass marshland.
This photo is from the wikipedia page, those big mountains in the background? I climbed four of them!

File:Golden Valley in morning fog.jpg


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