Autographs anyone?

I can finally tick something off my bucket list! Number 24 to be precise:

24) Be an extra in a foreign TV programme/advert 

My company run a summer-school programme for the students when they are out of government schools in June/July. They are making a promo-video for Vietnamese TV. A film crew is coming on Saturday and my manager asked if they could film some of my lesson to include in the advert. At first I said I couldn’t because my students were having a Cambridge test that day, so there’d be nothing to film other than students writing at their desks, which doesnt really sell the whole ‘fun summer school’ vibe. But, she was so keen she asked me to move the test to another day (very unorthodox).

I can only assume this is because of one of three possible reasons:

1) Rumours of my immense acting talents and thespian prowess have reached Asia. They must have heard of my famous take on ‘Mary’ in Tamerton Vale Primary School’s 1995 production of the Nativity. Or perhaps the time I played Brian’s mum in a ‘Life Of Brian’ sketch circa 2007 (Move over, Terry Jones) at the world renowned Plymouth High Drama Festival (much like Cannes).

2) They think I’m a brilliant teacher who will woo a plethora of parents into enrolling their children.

3) I am white skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed. I scream ‘Westerner’ and that’s extremely sellable. My complexion makes me marketable produce.

It’s almost definitely number 1.


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