End of course party

This is the very first class I taught, pre-intermediate junior level. They have finished their course and this was their finishing party. I made them all balloon models with balloons my dad sent from home. Even though I hadn’t made any for about 8 years I think I did an OK job of balloon dogs, flowers, swans and swords!

They’re a nice class and luckily every single one of them passed their exams and re-signed so I will continue teaching them at the next level!

Once again I still don’t have a camera so this was taken on a friend’s phone, hence the low quality.

End of course party

Me and the class.

Not the best balloon flowers ever.

The class and my lovely Teaching Assistant Chi at the back, on the left hand sign doing the stereotypical pose!

She wanted a giraffe, I improvised and made a dog with a long neck!

Boys fighting with swords.


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