So many foreign roads, for Emma, forever ago.

Post title graciously borrowed from Bon Iver.

As earlier mentioned, I spent the Liberation Day holiday in Nha Trang, a small coastal town about 9 hours bus ride north of Saigon. It’s a really popular resort with Vietnamese families on holidays. The Cornwall of Vietnam if you will. It has a lovely beach, which is really empty in the day times given that the locals don’t like tanning, and is surrounded by mountains. Nearby there are natural springs, mudbaths and some ancient ruins.

Take a gander at some photos.

The sea front with mountainous backdrop.

Cham temple ruins.

The view of the town through trees atop the ruins.

 A Cao Dai temple in the surrounding countryside.


Fishing boats and mountains.

Come evening, the seafront gets busy with Vietnamese holiday makers, paddling in the sea and flying kites.

We rented bikes to explore the area

Listening to music next to the sea, one of my favourite hobbies.


6 thoughts on “So many foreign roads, for Emma, forever ago.

  1. Nice pictures! Did you get over to Vinpearl? I went last time I was in Nha Trang and was surprised at how much fun I had. I thought it would’ve been cheesy, but there’s a nice beach and some of the rides are fun. The cable car over alone was worth the relatively cheap price of admission, I think…

    • Thanks 🙂 I didn’t go over to Vinpearl unfortunately, I wanted to mainly just because of the cool chair lift you mentioned! The students I teach told me it was like Disney land, haha!

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