Mui Ne

In return for our apparent ‘hard work’ our company treats all staff to an annual fully paid holiday.

This year’s trip was to the 4* Romana Resort near Mui Ne, on the coast of Vietnam, about 5 hours drive from Saigon. We set off on buses very early in the morning. I had a rather dodgy start as I locked myself out of my room, whilst my wallet was still in my room. Meaning I embarked on the trip with zero money. Luckily I have generous friends and it was almost all expenses included. We all hoped to sleep on the bus however we were sharing with a group of middle aged Vietnamese men, who I assume must have been from head office, and their guitar. You know football fans on buses or drunk university students chanting? It was like that, for five hours, in Vietnamese, with a guitar and 40 something year old men singing. I genuinely wanted to kill them.

We arrived to an incredible lunch. I sat on a big table with my friends, only to be moved/ostracized to a special ‘vegetarian’ table. Luckily there were only 4 vegetarians, 2 of which were my close friends, 1 of which was me and that only left one other person who didn’t show up. Cue us having an entire table full of food meant for eight. It was the same for every meal whilst we were there, vegetarianism is winning!

The rooms were beautiful, including a special telephone next to the toilet for those all important loo conversations. Our company had hired out the entire resort which was incredibly luxurious, I don’t think I’ll ever stay anywhere like it again.

We spent three days on the beach, at the poolside and eating way too much food. We also watched sunrise at 4am at the giant sand dunes, although even such beauty struggled to compete with my grumpiness of having to get up so early. Here I learnt that rolling down a sanddune is not a graceful slide, as you might think, but in fact a treacherous and bumpy ride resulting in a sandy mouth and many bruises.

I also somehow lost my shoes, so I came home three days later with no shoes, no wallet, no sleep but some great memories.

View from the room.

Syncronised swimming in the pool overlooking the sea.


Revolutionary slogan or poor translation?

One of teaching assistants and me at the evening gala dinner.

Looking very touristy.

Sand dunes.

Early morning run.

A lake in the sand dunes.


‘The fairy stream’ apparently, there’s probably some vaguely interesting geological information about the funny coloured cliffs.

And no trip would be complete with out some jungle creeping….





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