The twelve year jelly gap.

Being vegetarian has its downside.  Being unable to join in games of fluffy bunnies, missing out on hangover bacon and discovering the perfect pair of shoes then finding out you can’t buy them because they’re made from leather.

Another main downside is Jelly, due to its gelatine content. Thankfully I turned vegetarian aged 10, so I got my fill of ice cream and jelly at birthday parties during my carnivorous years. However, come my uni years there was a painful absence, I tragically missed out on the delights of vodka jelly and come christmas there was no trifle for me (along with the conspicuously missing turkey from my plate).

Today, things changed. I got a phone call at 8pm from my friend Linh. I was reluctant to answer, phonecalls with Vietnamese friends can be awkward because you can’t hear them properly and the language barrier proves difficult. I also have to get up early tomorrow for work and didn’t want to be invited anywhere. Alas I answered, and good job I did. She asked if I was in because she made some dessert for me and wanted to drop it off. She then asked if that would be OK, er, yes I said, a tad too enthusiastically. She said it was jelly, my heart sank, but she replied that she had made it from scratch with no gelatine and her English boyfriend even checked the ingredients on the internet to confirm this.

Five minutes later she’s standing outside my house with a large bag containing three containers. I invited her in, but she couldn’t as she was going to her boyfriend’s house, she’d simply come to drop off pudding for me for no reason. I think I love her.

Check it out in it’s glory. There was a coconut one with raisins in, a beautiful pink dragon fruit flavour and little chocolate jelly hearts. You can also see the kick-ass manicure I got today featuring clouds, rainbows and the sky, all for £1.50!


4 thoughts on “The twelve year jelly gap.

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I came across you on here – I get excited when i find another veg blog! 🙂 How awesome is vegetarian jelly?! That’s a great friend, indeed. 🙂

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