My favourite Vietnamese dish.

Forget phở, the ubiquitous Vietnamese noodle soup dish, these wondrous little wraps are the best thing to come out of Vietnam since, well, those really cute pot bellied pigs.

They consist of a crepe style mini wrap, grated coconut, sugar paper, sesame seeds and then condensed milk which serves as glue. They are so much more delicious than the sum of their parts. They are crunchy (sugar paper) but soft (crepe and coconut) and sweet (sugar and condensed milk) but also savoury (sesame seeds). One will set you back 5000 dong, or 15 pence.


I caught this man outside a school near our house. I say caught because they are notoriously hard to find. Men sell them from boxes on the back of the bicycles, but these men are never consistently in the same place and I am yet to track down their route. With one notable exception, a man used to sell them at lunch time outside our work, his were bigger and better than any other and he was known around the vast landscape of the staff room. Unfortunately, ‘Coconut man’ as we affectionately called him, has disappeared, much to our dismay. So now we have to settle for buying as many as we can carry any time we do spot one of these magical culinary cyclists.


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