There’s no better time than NOW

There's no better time than NOW

Whatever you think of her, excellent passage.


6 thoughts on “There’s no better time than NOW

  1. Odd that she would use the ‘pennies on the eyes’ story. It’s about the afterlife. Aside from that, I agree with the statement made. Nihilism is not so bad as they make it out to be.

  2. “…you think it doesn’t really matter if you screw up this time around because you can sort it all out in paradise.”

    The opposite is true. If you screw up, you may not make it to “paradise” so you better live your life right before you meet your maker.

    Those who don’t believe, do not have this burden. They can live life anyway they want to even if it harms others–as long it it allows them and their own to benefit and enables them to live their lives to the fullest (which usually means materially). Because as far as they are concerned, everyone ends up as worm food pushing daisies–and nothing more. So take all you can while you are alive or your life would have been a “waste.”

    • So you live your life better because YOU get something out of it, e.g. you get to ‘meet your maker’. That’s much more selfish; doing good deeds because you will be rewarded.

      Yes, those who ‘don’t believe’ don’t have the burden of being responsible to someone (or something i.e. a god) but why does that matter? Surely it’s better to be good and ‘moral’ just because it’s kind to others, not because there’s some sort of reward? As an atheist I try to be considerate, kind and helpful to others, not because I’m going to go to paradise for it, but because I care about people. Also, non believers ‘usually live materially’ and ‘take all they can’? That’s a large generalisation, who are you basing that on? The atheist scientists and philanthropists who donate their time and money to improving humanity? The people who leave their bodies to medical science? The people who live kind lives with no motive other than to be a nice person?

      My point is, you’re painting a very negative, hedonistic view of ‘non believers’. Believer or not, people can be good without having to believe in an after life and I personally find the fact that life isn’t a dress rehearsal liberating and even more of a reason to live it well, and help others to do so too.

      • Although I do agree that the notion that theists think they can mess up now and fix it later is a bit skewed. Perhaps it’d be better worded by saying that people don’t put enough emphasis on enjoying this life because they think there will be more, which negates the importance comparatively of this life.

      • “That’s much more selfish; doing good deeds because you will be rewarded.”

        It’s not so much being rewarded for good deeds, it’s punishment for being bad.

        “The atheist scientists and philanthropists who donate their time and money to improving humanity?”

        Yeah like Bill Gates’ revulsion for the “Great Unwashed” leading to his so selflessly donating his money and efforts to Planned Parenthood and other population control campaigns.
        Just sayin’…

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