Local wildlife

There are now 8 people living in my house and 6 of them have resigned a contract to stay another yeah. One of the results of this was that we now have three house pets; 1 fish, 1 kitten and 1 puppy. I was rather apprehensive about all of the pets, I love animals and I didn’t think it was fair seeing as eventually my housemates who bought them will leave and they will have to be handed over to new owners. Also it’s a big responsibility and though I adore my housemates, the two that purchased our new animal friends aren’t the most responsible! Nonetheless they seem to be taking it seriously and it’s great to have animals around again.

The first pet to turn up was Cam the kitten (Cam means orange in Vietnamese). He was ‘rescued’ from a local restaurant with a penchant for baby animals. I should mention, it’s a vegetarian restaurant that has loads of pets that just keep reproducing as they haven’t been neutered. Housemate A decided to adopt the newest cat and bring him home. He’s full of energy, is very vocal and does not like the pup!

Now, housemate B had wanted a puppy for ages and as not to be outdone by the cat lovers, decided to go see a man about a dog. That evening he returned with Eve in tow. I’d just about got over the kitten arrival when another furry bundle arrived.

The maids, who already think we’re a bit odd, turned up the next day and threw their arms in the air, rolled their eyes and exclaimed ‘Troi Oi….anh!’ Which roughly translates as ‘Oh my god….the English’


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