The cheapest phone you can buy here.

When you live in a country where bag snatching is common, or when you move countries a lot and miss the benefits of a phone contract with free upgrades, this is what happens:

Everybody buys the cheapest phone available here, for a cool 500,000 VND you get this stylish mobile device.

This is just in a room of six people. At work the desks are littered with everybody’s retro nokias. Sure I can’t get photo messages, or have more then 10 messages a time in my inbox, but I can play ‘Snake’ and it’s got a torch. With power cuts happening as often as they do, the torch has been far more useful than any modern app. 

Although it is a pain in the ass when someone’s phone goes off and you have to work out whose bag is ringing. Or when you end up going home with the wrong phone.



2 thoughts on “The cheapest phone you can buy here.

  1. I heard ‘dat! I love the retro phone I purchased to avoid being mugged. It’s called the BLU tank, and I haven’t charged it since I bought it… three weeks ago. And it has a torch too. Take that smartphones!

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