About Emma

I am 22 years old, recently graduated, interested in culture, society, history, philosophy, psychology, linguistics and religion from a non-involved standpoint. Also a major fan of people, animals, chocolate and cheese. I like travelling, have recently completed my CELTA in Budapest, Hungary and am now living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for at least 1 year.


2 thoughts on “About Emma

  1. Hello Emma! I was notified that you’re now a follower of my blog! Wow!Thanks! I think you’re probably the first! How did you find it??
    I see that you also did your CELTA in Budapest! I’m now going into my final week. It’s going to be a huge relief once it’s over.
    I look forward to speaking to you soon.

    • Hi!

      I think I probably just searched for other blogs about the CELTA or Budapest! Hope you’re enjoying it. I haven’t written much lately, am waiting to start a new job, so will start blogging again when I have something to say!

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