Stalin’s boots, a synagogue and Serbian quesadillas.

What a day! Today started with a visit to Memento Park. A park on the very outskirts of Budapest (it took two long, hot bus journeys to get there) that’s home to numerous ex-soviet political statues. plaques and monuments. It’s genuinely terrifying, as soon as we got off the bus and saw a huge statue […]

The best advert for atheism I’ve seen in a while…

Completely unrelated post but something I wanted to share. I know it’s not everybody’s thing, but here’s my life advice. Honestly, I really recommend you turn it up loud and listen…. I’ve been listening to it on the bus in the morning and it gets me in a really positive mood for the day! […]

Today I finally saw Parliament and my first Hungarian cat!

I’m feeling happy this evening. I was not feeling happy this morning! (God I’ve written that like an English teacher sentence… “students, discuss this statement in pairs, what tenses have I used?”) I taught a lesson on holiday vocab at pre-intermediate level. I enjoyed the first half, students looked at photos of me and some […]