Living history.

I heard a rumour that a few of the xe-om drivers (motorbike taxi) who occupy every street corner are actually very well educated doctors, lawyers, engineers etc, who had their credentials, qualifications and citizenships taken away from them in 1975 when the communist north won the war. Why? As punishment for supposedly supporting the American […]

Stalin’s boots, a synagogue and Serbian quesadillas.

What a day! Today started with a visit to Memento Park. A park on the very outskirts of Budapest (it took two long, hot bus journeys to get there) that’s home to numerous ex-soviet political statues. plaques and monuments. It’s genuinely terrifying, as soon as we got off the bus and saw a huge statue […]

Today I finally saw Parliament and my first Hungarian cat!

I’m feeling happy this evening. I was not feeling happy this morning! (God I’ve written that like an English teacher sentence… “students, discuss this statement in pairs, what tenses have I used?”) I taught a lesson on holiday vocab at pre-intermediate level. I enjoyed the first half, students looked at photos of me and some […]