Teachers’ Day and that time I had to eat meat.

chào mừng ngày nhà giáo Việt Nam! Not content with celebrating Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day , Children’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Reunification Day,  Tet, Lantern Festival, the anniversaries of various kings, Workers’ Day and a whole host of lunar and Buddhist related days, the Vietnamese have had Teachers’ Day for 30 years. And in true […]

Why Vietnam is so great and why I am so indecisive about jobs.

This blog title is a twist on Nietzsche’s  Ecce Homo chapters  ‘Why I am so wise/Why I am so clever’, except that I am not a German philosopher, nor do I have such an impressive moustache or canon of works . I might succumb to eventual insanity like ole Friedrich though. Also perhaps using  ‘canon’ to describe […]

End of course party

End of course party

This is the very first class I taught, they have finished their course and this is their finishing party. I made them all balloon models with balloons my dad sent from home. Even though I hadn’t made any for about 8 years I think I did an OK job of balloon dogs, flowers, swans and swords!

They’re a nice class and luckily every single one of them past their exams and re-signed so I will continue teaching them at the next level!

Once again I still don’t have a camera so this was taken on a friend’s phone, hence the low quality.

My worst lesson so far; not-so-perfect perfect tenses.

Disclaimer: This is a boring rant about a grammar disaster, I wouldn’t be offended if no one read it! I pride myself on keeping up the appearance of a teacher who knows what she’s doing, whilst quietly panicking on the inside. I like to think of it more as acting than teaching. This has been working pretty well for […]