Why Vietnam is so great and why I am so indecisive about jobs.

This blog title is a twist on Nietzsche’s  Ecce Homo chapters  ‘Why I am so wise/Why I am so clever’, except that I am not a German philosopher, nor do I have such an impressive moustache or canon of works . I might succumb to eventual insanity like ole Friedrich though. Also perhaps using  ‘canon’ to describe […]

The twelve year jelly gap.

Being vegetarian has its downside.  Being unable to join in games of fluffy bunnies, missing out on hangover bacon and discovering the perfect pair of shoes then finding out you can’t buy them because they’re made from leather. Another main downside is Jelly, due to its gelatine content. Thankfully I turned vegetarian aged 10, so […]

Check out my resident’s card.

Check out my resident's card.

I am officially a proper resident of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!

About time really, I’ve been here for over six months now. Symbolically I shared my six month anniversary with Ho Chi Minh’s birthday. Symbolic in the respect that we’ve got a lot in common, really, Uncle Ho and I. (I’m hoping the sarcasm translates through the screen)

I finally feel like a proper resident now, even though I have been paying tax and I’ve had a house here since I arrived. No more visas for me baby!

On a similar note, It’s the first time in my life I’ve actually paid tax given that before this I was in full time education and university. I pay about 15% tax here on my earnings, although it irritates me because seeing as there’s no free healthcare, no free education, most of the roads are a mess and the police are corrupt, I don’t really know what my tax money goes towards!

So many foreign roads, for Emma, forever ago.

Post title graciously borrowed from Bon Iver. As earlier mentioned, I spent the Liberation Day holiday in Nha Trang, a small coastal town about 9 hours bus ride north of Saigon. It’s a really popular resort with Vietnamese families on holidays. The Cornwall of Vietnam if you will. It has a lovely beach, which is really empty […]