The Bucket List

In no particular order, here is my list of things I want to achieve before I kick the metaphorical bucket. There are plenty more things I want to do, but these are things I will be disappointed to not have done. As I meander (or more excitingly, cascade) through life I will cross them off when they are completed.

1) Live in another country (for more than 3 months)

2) Take a long haul flight by myself

3) Learn another language to upper intermediate level, preferably fluency. (I can’t decide between French, Spanish, Italian or German! My Vietnamese is slowly improving but it’s not exactly a useful language!)

4) Visit a country for every letter of the alphabet

5) Go to Jerusalem

6) Go to Carnival in Rio

7) See the Northern Lights

8) Ride in a hot air balloon

9) Go to Paris

10) Go to Berlin

11) Learn to drive

12) Have cats named after famous philosophers, yes it’s a bit pretentious but it would be funny. (Plato, it’s time for dinner! Come here Kanty Kanty Kanty, Where’s Ludwig? Oh dear, Sartre’s bought in a dead mouse again.)

13) Visit a chocolate factory

14) Go to La Tomatina

15) Go to New Zealand

16) work for an NGO or the foreign service.

17) Inter-rail around Europe.

18) Live in a house on a cliff in Cornwall. With a huge garden and kitchen and amazing views.

19) Sail somewhere on a boat for a while.

20) Give a proportionately large donation to charity (large will depend on how much money I own/have)

21) Get a Masters Degree (Still can’t choose between a Masters in Linguistics, Psycho-linguistics, History, Philosophy, Eastern Religion or a dozen other things!)

22) Study Abroad for at least 3 months (I’m thinking Holland for the aforementioned Masters)

23) Travel around and work in South/Central America. (Chile, Ecuador, Argentina or Costa Rica)

24) Be an extra in a foreign TV programme/advert (my housemate has already done this after being talent spotted for a Vietnamese fertiliser advert thanks to his tallness, blonde hair and blue eyes. I’ve got those things too!)

25) Take my parents somewhere really cool in the world.

26) Go to Tibet

27)  Travel around India.

28) Learn to meditate (or perhaps at least to do yoga) properly without getting distracted by my brain or how much my legs hurt in that position.

29) Run a half marathon.

30) Have a library/book room in my house

31) Save/earn enough money so that I don’t have to worry about it! This one’s tricky as I have no interest in the jobs that make you a lot of money nor do I have the qualifications. It’s not about the money anyway, I’m pretty low maintenance, it’s about the peace of mind it affords.

32) Read one of my favourite books/texts in its original language. (I’m probably going to need to learn French for this!)

33) Learn to scubadive.

34) Go skiing/snowboarding and not be terrible at it.

35) See tigers/lions in their natural habitat.

36) Start my own business/school or charity. A very local, not-for-profit venture.

37) road trip across America.


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